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Berwick-Upon-Tweed BEA



ASTENE Spring Lecture Series 2021

8 April 2021. On-line lecture to the  entitled: Hospitals, Humours and Hospitallers: the story of medicine in the Levant'

U3A Duns



South East Scotland branch of St John Scotland

8 April 2021. On-line joint lecture entitled: Hospitals, Humours and Hospitallers: the story of medicine in the Levant'



Conference Papers Presented by Paul

[update in progress ready August 2021]

Starkey, Paul G. (2019) In Search of Identity: Faris al-Shidyaq and the 19th-Century Arabic Revival'.Fifth William Watt memorial Lecture 

Starkey, Paul G. (2017). 'Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela: a 12th-Century Traveller to the Middle East', paper presented at the ASTENE Biennial Conference, Norwich, July 2017.

Starkey, Paul G. (2017). 'The Shidyaqs: A Dysfunctional Maronite Family in Ninteenth Century Lebanon', paper presented at the BRISMES Conference, Movement and Migration in the Middle East: People and Ideas in Flux, Edinburgh, July 2017.

Starkey, Paul G. (2017). ‘Cedars of Lebanon in art and literature’, , paper presented at the ASTENE TIOL Seminar, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Travellers in Ottoman Lands: the botanical legacy, 13 May 2017.

Starkey, Paul G. (2016). ‘Resurrecting the Caliphate: Youssef Rakha and the collapse of the Ottoman State’, EURAMAL Conference, Oslo, May/June 2016.

Starkey, Paul G. (2015). ‘Relocating the Caliphate: Between Youssef Rakha and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’, BRISMES/AUD Conference, Dubai, April 2015.

Starkey, Paul G. (2015). ‘Joun Encounter: Alexander William Kinglake and Lady Hester Stanhope’. ASTENE Conference, Exeter, July 2015.

Starkey, Paul G. (2014). ‘The Changing Face of the Maqāma: Shifting Forms in the Arabic Nahḍa’, BRISMES/AUS Conference, Sharjah, April 2014. 

Starkey, Paul G. (2013). ‘Strange Incidents from History: Youssef Rakha and his Sultan’s Seal’, Conference in Honour of Mustafa Badawi, Oxford, March 2013.

Starkey, Paul G. (2012). ‘The Eloquent Egyptian’s Complaints Revisited’, CASAW/University of Cairo conference on Narrating the Arab Spring, Cairo, February 2012.

Starkey, Paul G. (2009). ‘The Troublesome Mountain: Lebanon Through Western Eyes’, ASTENE Conference, Durham, July 2009.

Starkey, Paul G. (2007). ‘Western Perspectives on Arabic Literature’, CASAW Conference, Cairo, July 2007.

Starkey, Paul G. (2007). ‘God’s Fugitive: the Life of C M Doughty reconsidered’, ASTENE Conference, Southampton, July 2007.

Starkey, Paul G. (2006). ‘Piri Reis: Cartographer Supreme or Cowardly Deserter?’, ASTENE Conference, Nuweiba, March 2006.

Starkey, Paul G. (2006). ‘Tawfīq Yūsuf ‘Awwād and the Lebanese Conflict’, BRISMES Conference, Birmingham, July 2006.

Starkey, Paul G. (2006). ‘From the White Sea to the Red Sea: Piri Reis and the Ottoman Conquest of Egypt’, Red Sea Project Phase 3, ‘Cultural Connections of the Red Sea’, London, British Museum, 27–28 October 2006, with the Society for Arabian Studies.

Starkey, Paul G. (2005). ‘Linguistic Exile? Antūn Shammās and the Hebrew-Arab Novel’, EMTAR Conference, Berne, March 2005.

Starkey, Paul G. (2004). ‘Courts and Courtiers in the Thousand and One Nights’, Conference on Courts and Courtiers, East and West: 600–1600 C.E., Durham, July 2004.

Starkey, Paul G. (2004). ‘Authority and Public Order in Islam: The Case of Gamāl al-Ghītānī’s al-Zaynī Barakāt”, UEAI Conference, Kraków, September 2004.

Starkey, Paul G. (2003). ‘Intertextuality and the Arabic literary tradition in Edwār al-Kharrāt’s Hijārat Bobello’, EMTAR Conference, Kraków, May 2003.

Starkey, Paul G. (2001). ‘Cultural Differentiation in the Works of [Ahmad] Fāris al-Shidyāq’, International  Conference on Aesthetic Encounters, Kuwait, March 2001.

Starkey, Paul G. (2001). ‘Heroes without Character / Characters without Heroes: the case of Sun‘ Allāh Ibrāhīm’, EMTAR Conference, Bonn, June 2001.

Starkey, Paul G. (2001). ‘A Levantine Traveller to Egypt: [Ahmad] Fāris al-Shidyāq’, ASTENE Conference, Edinburgh, July 2001.

Starkey, Paul G. (2001). ‘On Translating Edwār al-Kharrāt’s Hijarat Bobello’, BRISMES Conference, Edinburgh, July 2001.

Starkey, Paul G. (1999). ‘Voyages of Self-Definition: the case of [Ahmad] Fāris al-Shidyāq’, Conference on Individual and Society in the Islamic Mediterranean World, London, June 1999.

Starkey, Paul G. (1999). ‘The Generation of the Sixties: a single tradition?’, EURAMES Conference, Ghent, September 1999.

Starkey, Paul G. (1998). ‘Some nineteenth-century Egyptian travellers to Europe’, Conference on Europe and its Boundaries, Assisi, January 1998.

Starkey, Paul G. (1998). ‘Fāris al-Shidyāq and Britain’, Conference on The Arabs and Britain, Cairo, March 1998.

Starkey, Paul G. (1998). ‘Narrative structure in al-Tayyib Sālih’s Mawsim al-Hijra ilā al-Shimāl’, Workshop on al-Tayyib Sālih, Oxford, April 1998.

Starkey, Paul G. (1998). ‘Faris al-Shidyaq: the transition from a classical to a modern literary sensibility’, 16th Conference of the Union européenne des arabisants et islamisants, Halle, September 1998.

Starkey, Paul G. (1997). ‘Islamic Egypt in the Modern Egyptian Novel’, Conference on the Historiography of Islamic Egypt, St Andrews, August 1997.

Starkey, Paul G. (1995). ‘Fact and fiction in al-Sāq ‘alā al-Sāq’, 2nd EMTAR Conference, Oxford, April 1995.

Starkey, Paul G. (1995). ‘Some Egyptian travellers to Europe’, Conference on Travellers to Egypt, Durham, July 1995.

Starkey, Paul G. (1994). ‘Commitment in modern Egyptian literature’, BRISMES Conference, Manchester, July 1994.

Starkey, Paul G. (1993). ‘Quest for freedom: the case of the Tunisian Izz al-Dīn al-Madanī’, Conference on ‘The Quest for Freedom in Modern Arabic Literature, in honour of Mustafa Badawi’, Oxford, March 1993.

Starkey, Paul G. (1993). ‘A modern book of revelation: Jamāl al-Ghītānī’s Kitāb al-Tajalliyāt’, BRISMES Conference, Warwick, July 1993.

Starkey, Paul G. (1992). ‘The four ages of Husayn Tawfīq: love and sexuality in the novels of Tawfīq al-Hakīm’, EMTAR [European Meeting of Teachers of Arabic Literature] Conference on Modern Arabic Literature, Nijmegen, April 1992.

Starkey, Paul G. (1987). ‘Library Provision for Central Asian Studies in the University of Durham’, Conference on Central Asia: Tradition and Change, London, SOAS, 1987.

Conference Papers presented by Janet [update in progress]


Conference papers

“Jean-Baptiste Vanmour: a painter of turqueries, and a source of inspiration for travellers”, paper presented at the ASTENE Biennial Conference, Norwich on 22 July 2017.

“‘Many plants may have escaped our notice’: the Russells and Adam Freer in Aleppo”, paper presented at the ASTENE TIOL Seminar, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Travellers in Ottoman Lands: the botanical legacy, 13 May 2017.

‘The Diaries of George Ridpath, Minster of Stichill. 1755–1761’: Duns Historical Society, 27 February 2016.

‘'From Fat-tail'd Sheep to the Arbre Sol: naturalist-travellers in the footsteps of Marco Polo’, Nomads Tent 4th Symposium, On Marco Polo, 20 February 2016.

‘Observations, Adventures and Scandals: EIC officers on the Red Sea and in the Syrian Desert between 1776 and 1781’, paper presented at the eleventh ASTENE Conference on 18 July 2015.

‘Exploring Kufra and beyond: Ahmad Mohammed Hassanein, friend of the Rennell Rodds and of Rosita Forbes’, paper presented at the tenth ASTENE Conference on 14 July 2013.

‘‘Into the desert: reality or unreality? Francis Rennell Rodd and Ahmed Hassanein Bey’, WOCMES Conference, Barcelona, July 2010, paper presented as part of a pre-arranged session ,

‘Monks and Bedouins in the deserts around the Red Sea’, Red Sea Conference V, University of Exeter, September 2010.

‘The Contagion followed, and vanquish’d them’: plague, travellers and lazarettos’, paper given at ASTENE International Conference, University of Southampton, July 2007.

‘Al-Suways and Travellers on the Red Sea’, paper presented at the ASTENE regional conference, Nuwaiba, Egypt, April 2006.

‘The Commerce and Boats of Suez according to Travellers on the Red Sea’, paper to be presented at the conference associated with Red Sea Project III; ‘Natural Resources and Cultural Connections of the Red Sea’, at the British Museum, London (27–28 October 2006).

‘HUB Ethnography Project December 2005”, report on the ethnographic collections at the Hancock Museum in the light of current plans to redevelop the museum,  unpublished report, following three months’ advisory position, Tyne and Wear Museums.

‘Ethnographic aspects of Islamic Burials’, paper presented at the Symposium on Islamic Burials, University of Leeds, May 2005

‘Travellers: fascination with the dead and the Arabian Nights’, paper presented at the ASTENE International Conference, University of Manchester, July 2005.

‘Travellers’ perceptions on Islamic Burials’, paper presented at the ASTENE International Conference, University of Manchester, July 2005.

‘Cosmopolitan Cities and Cultural Integration? Eighteenth-Century Syria’, paper presented at BRISMES Annual Conference, held in SOAS, July 2004

‘Pomegranates and Cypress Trees: symbolism of Persian carpets’, paper presented in Edinburgh, February 2004.

‘Travellers on the Red Sea Coast between al-Qusayr and Sawākin’, paper presented at Red Sea II Conference, British Museum, July 2004.

‘Dr Karl Klunzinger in al-Qusayr’, paper presented at the ASTENE International Conference, Oxford, July 2003

''Influences on the ethno-history of Dr Alexander Russell in Aleppo in the 18th century', paper presented at BRISMES Annual Conference, held at the University of Exeter, July 2003

‘Mosques in the Bell Collection’, talk at the Oriental Museum for the Friends.

‘Shaykhs, Swords, and Daggers’, Talk at the Friends of the Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford

‘The Blue Jacket: metaphors in poetry and dress in Palestine'’ paper presented at BRISMES Annual International Conference, held in the University of Edinburgh, 2001.

‘Bagnios, coffee-houses and ‘glistening pomegranate-thickets’: Aleppo in the eighteenth century’, paper given at the Fourth International ASTENE Conference, University of Edinburgh (July 2001).

‘Domes and Cypress trees: the political significance of dress in Palestine’, lunchtime talk at St Mary’s 17 May 2000 in the Eve III Series.

‘Travellers’ accounts of the Bisharin’, at Sudan: Past, Present and Future, 30 August-1.9.2000.

‘Gold, Emeralds and the Eastern Desert’, public lecture at the Oriental Museum, Durham October 1999. [Several other gallery talks, lecturing at Durham Summer School etc between 1993 and 1996].

‘Gold, Emeralds and the unknown Ababda’, Cambridge ASTENE conference July 1999.

‘Perceptions of Women in the Eastern Desert’ , L’Orient des Femmes conference at the Centre de Recherche sur le Monde Anglophone et l’Orient, Université de Marne-le-Vallée, Champs-sur-Marne, 26-27 November 1999.

1996–1997. Several talks on the Ethnographic project in the North East in the region, including a television presentation November 1996.

1989 on Various papers given at the Association of the Study of Egypt and the Near East (ASTENE) and BRISMES on anthropology and ethno-history, most recently in Oxford and Exeter 2003 (most  subsequently published)

1980–1982 Several talks on the Computerisation Project at the British Museum, London.

1977 1980 Several talks in Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research on research organisation; Several talks to the Natural History Society on fieldwork in Oman, Malaysia etc.

1976, ‘Amarar Lexicon’. University of Durham: Ms. Analysed by De Gruyter in Beja lexicostatistics

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