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Who donated recipes?

There is much yet to discover about the social networks of these contributors: their families, occupations and friendships. Any further relevant information about any of these donors of recipes in the Huntly Cookery Book, gratefully received. 


H.A.; Cocoanut Pyramids 50

Mrs Adam. Probably (1) Annie Smith Gray (d.1933 aged 82); wife of John Booth Adam, Wardwell estate or Mains of Auchingoul, Inverkeithny and at Aldie House, Battlehill, Drumblade. He came to the Town Band Bazaar. Or (2) Elizabeth Singer (d.1998 aged 94 in Kenya), wife of Alex T. Adam and of Andrew C. Main; or (3) Mrs Isabella Adam (b.1834), mother of John Adam: son of James and Isabella Adam (Mrs Mellis), Craigward Farm, Huntly (1915 Rolls). Under an alias, Patrick O’Shea, John Adam served in the Canadian Infantry but died in 1918 aged 43 in France. Or (4) Mary Adam (d.1962, aged 87 in Aberdeen), servant, Christ Church Episcopal rectory (1901 Census), wife of John Banks Summers. Or (5) Helen Adam (d.1942 aged 63, Huntly); or (6) Mrs A. Adam, 17 High Street, Turriff. A Miss Adams LRAM taught piano to children in Huntly; Goulash (a Hungarian recipe) 13; Winter Fruit Salad 37

Mary Anderson, Comisty. Wife of Mr George A. Anderson, Comisty Farm, Comisty Estate of Bognie, Forgue, AB54 6DZ. The farm existed by 1358. Mr Anderson on the Parish Council, Forgue; one of Aberdeenshire's best-known tenant farmers; breeding cross-bred tups with great success from 1890s onwards. A Mr Morison may have been owner of Bognie; Sausage Rolls 13

Mrs Anderson 4 Beech Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle SK8 7BW. Rev W.H. and Mrs Anderson, Castle Street, Huntly were at the Bazaar; his brother-in-law was ex-Bailie James Stephen (d.1913) so this may be a relative? Lemon Solid 33

Mrs Andrew, Mount Florida, Glasgow. wife of Sidney Andrews AM IEE, Mount Florida, Electrical engineer, member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers 26 (1898): 443); they variously lived at 133 Annan Drive and 28 Blythswood Drive, Glasgow. In 1913, he severed his connection with Messrs. Verity’s Ltd, for whom he acted as manager for Scotland for many years, and in 1913 became representative for Scotland and Ireland for Messrs. Royce, Ltd., of Manchester (Electrical Review 72 (1913): 484). Possibly related to widow, Mrs Jessie Andrew, 12½ Church Street, Huntly (1915 Rolls). The Glasgow district of Mount Florida originated on the ‘Lands of Mount Floridon’ auctioned 21 September 1814;  Pork Pies 10, Coffee Éclairs 47

M Archibald. Possibly (1) Mary Archibald, 6 Albert Terrace; Or (2) MacIntyre Archibald, 47 Bogie Street; same address as Mary Yule; Or (3) Thomas George Archibald, Huntly, architect, builder and contractor, and wife Annie Archibald, Ellerslie, Gladstone Road; he was ex-Bailie; on the Huntly Rate Payers Association (1913); their son, Captain John Archibald (1893–1918), 6th Gordon Highlanders, died in France. Or (4) related to Alexander Archibald (1847–1926); or to (5) John Archibald, missionary, National Bible Society of Scotland, formerly of Huntly, based in Hankow, married to Mary Thomson (1855–1935); or (6) Archibald Archibald, blacksmith, Nelson Street; Norwegian Fish Pie 6

Mrs Arnott, Rosebank. Richmond Road, Huntly. Georgina Fullerton Scott (d.1949), wife of John Arnott (d.1941), owner-occupier Rosebank (with stable and coach-house) built by ex-Bailie James Stephen (d.1913), A & F Stephen and Bogie Bridge Mills; rented acred land (1915 Rolls); related to George Arnott, The Square, Shoe Manufactory and Machinery, leather merchant c.1903 on. Mrs Arnott attended the Town Band Bazaar; Raspberry Cream 31

C.B.; Pear Trifle 33

J.B.; Ginger Cream 34

Miss Grant Black, Gordon Arms Hotel, 33 The Square, Huntly; Miss Elizabeth B. Grant Black (b.1892), niece of its landlord, Alexander Barclay Grant. Her mother, Mrs Black, Gordon Arms Hotel, came to the Bazaar; was involved in Red Cross work, on the Parish Church ladies’ committee. Miss Grant Black attended the Ladies Night Dance in December with her mother; Amber Pudding 25; Asparagus Soup (White) 3

Mrs Bowman, Austral House. Mrs Lilian Bowman (b.1870), Austral House, 26 Castle Street, Huntly. Her Apple Balls won a competition at the Gas Exhibition in Huntly in May 1913; attended the Town Bank Bazaar; married to James Bowman (b.1862), of James Bowman & Son, lamp manufacturers and tinsmiths, 22 The Square, who ran the Rothieden Lamp and Tinplate Works in 1913: though, according to Scott, it had  ceased to trade in 1907. In 1911 they invented a tank sprayer for dairy disinfection. They previously lived at in the Square (1901), and Annfield, Battlehill, Huntly (1903). By 1915, the house and premises at 22 The Square were in the possession of bondholders and the house was rented to Godfrey C. Clemens. Daughter, Lilian Bowman (b.1898); son, Herbert M. Bowman (1896–1916), 6th Gordon Highlander, killed in France aged 23, by which time Mrs Bowman was living in Glasgow; Summer Drink (Boston Cream) 63; Rice Cake 44

Mrs Boyd, Southview, Huntly. Isabelle Lawson, wife of John Minto Boyd (1870–1937), draper, South View, Victoria Road, Huntly, AB54 8AH. He ran a drapers’ shop at 3 The Square founded 1897 and had premises at 21 Gordon Street, established in 1909 and operated as Reid and Gordon. He previously had premises at 30 Duke Street. She was a member of Strathbogie United Reformed Church. They later moved to Breezie Neuk, Richmond Road. Boyd would hold an annual at home for his employees; in 1913 it was held at the Good Templar Hall; Tomato Chutney 16

I.A.T.C.; Chocolate Jelly 32

Mrs Cameron, 132 Ashmore Road, Paddington, W, London, W9 3DQ. Any connection with Glass and Mrs Alexander Geddes of Blairmore? Fruit Popovers 31

Alice Chrystal, Peebles. (b.1879 in Berwickshire a domestic servant and then (1901) working in Duddingston; in Peebles (1913 and 1915), a J. Chrystal was tenant occupier of a house and garden, I Connor Street, Kirkland Street, Peebles. John Chrystal & Son were bakers at 35 Bogie Street, Huntly until 1912–1913; Sultana Cake 40

Miss Cook. Possibly (1) Jane Ann Cook (d.1945), owned houses and gardens at 57, 59 and 61 George Street; Glenlea Cottage, Littlejohn Street; rented acred land from the Huntly Estate, Of her properties, 57 George Street rented to Ann Brander; 59 George Street to relict Elizabeth Wright; 61 George Street to Charles Clark; Glenlea Cottage to George Neish (1915 Rolls). Or (2) her sister, Margaret Cook (d.1950), both daughters of James Cook (1841–1913), manager for forty years of George Sellar & Son; his wife, Mrs Margaret Brander (1841–1924), 55 George Street; Rhubarb Trifle 31

Jeanne Coulden, Rycroft, Wallington, Surrey; A friend of Ada and Gordon Murray; Petits pois à la Française 12

Mrs Cran, Boghead. Madge Cran, Boghead of Cobairdy Farm, Parish of Huntly. Maggie Yule (d.1924 aged 70 at Willowbank, Huntly), wife of James Cran (d.1942 aged 87) tenant farmer of Boghead farm, Drumblade (farmed by Arthur Copland in 1905). Mr Cran was elected member of the Huntly District Committee (1913). Their son, George Alfred Merson Cran ‘Fred’, 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, died in France in 1918 aged 25. Several members of the Cran family lived in Huntly (1915 Rolls); Russian Toffy 53; Sponge Cake 43

Mrs Cruden, Aberdeen, a relative of Rosa Murray, possibly her grandmother, Ann (b.1843); Bedfordshire Pudding 22

J.D. Golden Square, Huntly (near McVeagh Street and Old Road); French Pie 7

S.D.; Over Salted Soup 64

S.A.D.; Apple Snowballs 31

Miss Ethel Dale, Wallington, Surrey. (b.1870) Highbury (1911 Census), living with her father James Dale and 3 sisters at 25 Elgin Road, Wallington, Surrey. Sister of Ada, wife of Gordon Murray; Horse-radish Sauce 20

M.J. Davidson Newton, Methlick, Wells of Newton, Methlick, Ellon, Aberdeenshire. Newton Methlick famous for its Aberdeen–Angus cattle. Peter Davidson (b.1864), a sawyer and his wife Annie (b.1865) and four children lived in Newton, Methlick (1901). Many other members of the Davidson family farmed in Methlick; Honeycomb Pudding 24

Mrs. Davidson, Toronto, Canada; went to Toronto in 1908; Strawberry Short Cake 46

Mrs Davidson, Mills of Huntly wife of Thomas O. Davidson, tenant occupier of croft, mill and sawmill, Huntly Mill, Huntly Estate (mill closed in 1940s); Spanish Onions Stuffed 18

Violet Davie 8 Boyndie Street, West, Banff AB45 1EY, Mrs Davie (b.c.1894), widow by 1915 and tenant of dwelling house at 7 Boyndie Street West, Banff (1905); no. 8 (1913) and no. 6 in 1915. In 1901 she lived in New Deer; Seven Cup Pudding 66

Miss Dawson, Aberchirder, by Huntly. She is not listed in the 1905 or 1915 valuation rolls. Possibly related to D. Stewart Dawson MA, Manse of Marnoch, Huntly Beef Steak Pudding 10

Mrs Diack, Huntly. Probably (1) wife of William George Diack (b.1878?), draper, 3 Gordon Street which he rented; Mr and Mrs Diack, Glen Elive, Lennox Terrace. When a draper’s assistant in 1901, he boarded at The Newes, home of butcher, Archibald Rhind. Or (2) related to Alexander Diack, 27 Old Road; Gingerbread 45

Mrs Donald, Rosenheim, Huntly. Gladstone Road, Huntly (still called Rosenheim 1915 but probably Rose Cottage by 1930s). Probably wife of Alexander Donald, junior (‘Sandy’), a town councillor (1915). Both attended the Bazaar: he helped to run its sideshows; Donald, senior, died 1909 aged 62; Honeycomb Cream 30

Mrs Dufton, Bogie St. Isabella, wife of grocer Alexander Dufton, 12–16 Bogie Street, Huntly. They owned the house, garden and greenhouse at 16 Bogie Street (1915 Rolls); 12 Bogie Street was a licensed shop; 14 and 16 shops the last tenanted by Margaret Dufton; He owned a house in 38 Deveron Street and offices and stables at 3 and 5 George Street, in 1903 lived in Gladstone Road. Their son, Charles Theodore Dufton, was a pilot with the 38th squadron, Royal Air Force, died in 1940, aged 29. She was at the Town Band Bazaar but it was spelt Duffton in newspaper in error; Cocoanut Toffee 68; Dough Nuts 49; Invalid Chop 55

Annie Duncan 6A Torry Street, Huntly, (?b. 1877), a milliner living at her parent’s house. Her father was James Duncan, a brewer, who by 1915 may have moved to 15 Torry Street. Robert and Isabella Duncan, 4 Torry Street (39 Torry Street by 1915), Huntly lost their son, Robert in France in 1918, aged 23. Russian Toffy 52

Claudia Esam, Wallington, Surrey. Annie Claudina Esam (b.1862) in Regents Park area, London; in 1911 was living with her widowed mother in Croydon/Wallington, Surrey. In 1913 she lived at 15 Stanley Gardens, Wallington; friend of Ada and Gordon Murray; To Make Soft Soap 65

Mrs Fewtrell, Turriff. Mrs Jeannie MacPherson Morrison Fewtrell, Turriff (b.1866). A widow, she owned Towie Cottage, Manse Terrace, Turriff; a house, shop and garden at 15 and Chapel Street and at 17 Chapel Street; House 21 and Shop 19 (which was rented by John Fewtrell) at 23 Main Street. Her daughter was a music teacher (b.1879) living in Turriff (1901 Census).; Everton Toffee 54

Fitzpatrick, Duke Street, Huntly. Mrs Fitzpatrick was at the Town Band Bazaar. Wife of John Fitzpatrick, an enterprising individual who set up the first Huntly Garage, 2 Duke Street in 1913 (Macdonald’s 1913). The earliest motor garage in Scotland is thought to date from 1906/1911, the Botanical Gardens Garage, Glasgow. By 1915 he owned or rented shops and properties in 3, 5, 7, 9 (stable, coach-house and motor garage) and 11 Gordon Street; workshops in 1, 2–4, 6 (2 tobacconist; 3 cycle agent; 4 hair dresser); and rented a house from John L. Stephen at 9 The Square. Brown Snaps 49; Potato Soup 4; Scotch Shortbread 41; Vanilla Ice 67

Mrs Frazer, Glamourside, Lennox Terrace, Huntly, attended the Town Band Bazaar. Wife of Duncan McColl Frazer (1856–1928), a commercial traveller in trading in provisions (1901 Census), the owner occupier of this house and garden. Their son, William Stewart died in 1918. ; Apricot Jam 61

M.J. Gordon was on the Fancy Dress Ball committee. Anything to do with Mr and Mrs Alexander Gordon, Square, Huntly?; Cocoanut Buns 50; Walnut Ginger Cake 39

Miss Gordon, Ellangowan, Gladstone Road, Huntly. By 1915 this house was owned and occupied by John Watt; Rhubarb Snow 29

Helen Grant, Bank House, Huntly. Miss Helen Grant was a tenant of 7A Market Street owned by William Watt (1915 Rolls). Related to Mr Grant who ran Gordon Arms Hotel? Or to Alexander Grant Alexander, & Co., 52 Deveron Street, grocers, drapers and tailors at 82 Gordon Street; Scotch Haggis 14

Mrs Bessie Gray, Hazelwood, Huntly. Queen Street, Margaret Grey was wife of William Gray at this address. William Gray was a draper at 15 Gordon Street in 1913. A son or grandson, Walter Gray, died in France in 1915, aged 22. Mrs Milne, another donor, lived there too. Or (2) Bessie Gray could be Elizabeth Forbes (1866–1942, aged 77), a wife of a woollen spinner, Alexander Gray (1866 –1934, aged 68), Note: a Miss Gray was librarian of the Brander Library (1901 Census); Fig Pudding 24; Italian Boudin 28

M.H. Could this be Matthew Hay, the enforcer of the Food Act in Aberdeen?; German Pound Cake 40

Hall, Aberdeen; Gingerbread 46

B.K. Hird (not identified); Golden Pudding 23

Mrs Innes, Queen Street, Huntly. There was a Mrs Jane Innes confectioner 5 Duke Street. Celery and Cheese Sandwich 17

Marianne Ironside. Bank House; in 1913 Miss Marianne Leslie Ironside (1889–1972 aged 82), was the daughter of Peter Cowie Ironside (b.1861) bank agent (not on Rolls until 1916); with Alex Murison, North of Scotland and Town and County Bank Ltd, 23–25 Gordon Street from 1914–1915 when it moved to the Bank House, 1–2 The Square. The previous agent in 1912–1913 was William Walker. Peter Ironside was on Aberdeenshire Education Authority by 1921; by 1929 the family lived in Torry Street, Huntly. Mr, Mrs and Misses Ironside all came to the Town Band Bazaar; Pink Cream 32. Ronald Ironside who left Huntly for Canada in 1929 left a bequest to Gordon Schools in Huntly (www.gordonschools.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/News/News%20Stories/Canadian%20Visit/CanadianVisit.htm).

Mrs Johnstone, Torry Street, Huntly, John Johnston lived at 37 Torry Street, tenant in 1915; Rock Cakes 47

Joss, Cruchie. This was Miss Clementina Joss (b.1864), the farmer’s sister, the farmer being Miss Annie Joss (b.1860), who worked East Cruichie or Cruchie East Farm, Drumblade, near Huntly; Ginger Beer 63

Keith, Kinnermit, Turriff. Possibly related to Alexander Keith, tenant farmer at Kinnermit farm on the Muiresk Estate, Turriff AB53 4HA in 1913. This farm dates back to at least 1273. Sago Plum Pudding 22

Kennedy, MA Darwin, Dufftown. Tininver Street, Keith in 1913. Reverend Donald Kennedy, MA (b.1842), Roman Catholic clergyman, lived in Bellie Parish, Enzie, Banffshire in 1898 and 1901 at the Roman Catholic Chapel House, Tynet; Toffee 67

Mrs Kennedy, Bogie Street, Huntly; James Kennedy was a town councillor in 1915; a baker and confectioner, he owned a shop, bake house and machinery, 17 Bogie Street and a house and stable, 19 Bogie Street. Huntly. He was a town councillor 1915. Probably Jane (‘Jeannie’) Ann Duff (1865–1937), wife of James Kennedy (1859–1926), later of Hill View, Huntly. She attended the Town Band Bazaar. Their son, William Duff Kennedy (b.1895), Aberdeen University, served with 4th Gordon Highlanders and the Royal Flying Corps (later RAF) 1915–1919; Apple Snow 29

M.C.L.; Pickled Onions and Tomatoes 16

Laidlaw wife of Reverend Archibald Scott Laidlaw MA BD (b.1860), minister, United Reformed Church, i.e. Strathbogie United Free Church, Bogie Street (1903) (McDonald 1990); lived at Strathbogie Church Manse, Deveron Road, Huntly. Mrs and Miss Laidlaw attended the Town Band Bazaar. Their daughter, Hilda Lucy Laidlaw MA MB (b.1895) Aberdeen 1915; Chocolate Cream 32

Rhoda M. Ledingham Duke Street, Huntly. (b.1894), scholar (1901 census); Andrew J. Ledingham, 16 Duke Street, Huntly in 1915. One of four siblings, her brother was probably Andrew Ledingham, a watchmaker, who joined the Gordon Highlanders and was killed in France in 1918; he was the son of Mr A F Ledingham of 234 King Street, Aberdeen (30/3/1921), sometime 16 Duke Street, Huntly. At that time she was living with her mother’s aunt, Jeannie Brodie (b.1823), Mary Ann Ledingham and her mother Christina Johnston (b.1841), a dressmaker; Scalloped Tomato 63

Mrs Lobban, Rowanlea, Gladstone Road, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, AB54 8BU; Sarah G. (b.1874) wife of Alexander Lobban (b.1868) a commercial traveller (grocer) with 2 daughters (Lina who taught French and German at The Gordon Schools and Madge) and a servant (1901 census). He owned 13 and 15 Meadow Street, Huntly. The house was designed by architect Frank Troup for the Lobbans. She attended the Town Band Bazaar; Jam Sandwich 42

Mrs Lobban, Loanhead, In early 1913 the farm was run by William Lobban. By 1915 widow Jeannie M Lobban was a tenant occupier of the farm and house of Loanhead, part of the Brideswell Estate of Drumblade, Cairnie, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, AB54 4TU. By November 1913, it was run by James and Mary Ann Lobban. Their son John Lobban, born in Drumblade, a private in the Gordon Highlanders, died 1917 aged 20 in France; Cheese Sandwich 18

Lockhart, Alt-an-Arie, 26 East Park Street, Huntly, Aberdeenshire AB54 8HH, was at the Town Bank Bazaar. (1) Elizabeth Walker (1877–1954), wife of Daniel Ferguson Lockhart (1874–1936), timber merchant; at one time of Aldie House, Battlehill. The house was built on the site of tannery, hence ‘Auld tannery’. Like West Park Street, houses had only been built on the south side of this street by 1913, the north side being used for allotments; Ginger Cake 47; Cream Salad Dressing 61, Lemon Snow 34

Mrs Lockhart, Ben Venue, Mrs A. Lockhart, 27 East Park Street, Huntly, came to the Town Band Bazaar. Mrs Jeanie Lockhart aka Jeannie Robertson (d.1936 aged 62) relict of Archibald Lockhart (d.1907 aged 35), owned and occupied this house and garden. By the time of the Bazaar, a Mrs Donald was staying at Ben Venue too; Cheese Sandwich 17,

Mrs Loggie, Garthowen, 31 Gladstone Road, Huntly. Jeannie Ann McKay aka Jane Ann Loggie (d.1950 aged 82), wife of James A. Loggie (d.1922 aged 62), owner occupier; he or William Loggie built and owned Loggie Buildings, Bogie Street 1906–1907; had a stable and two dung pits in Granary Street; several properties in Gordon Street (no 6 house; no 8 office and shop; no 10 house; no 12 Bank Office (1915 Rolls)); Potato Cheese-cakes 7, Seafoam Pudding 28

A.E.M. in Huntly ; Turkish Delight 62

J.M.; Rhubarb Marmalade 61; Orange Lemonade 61

M’K = Mackay?; Cheese Pudding 18

T.A.M; Salad Dressing 15

Mrs Mackay, Drumblade Farm, Huntly, Aberdeenshire was probably connected to (1) Revd George Mackay, United Free Manse, Drumblade, in post by 1915, who kept bees. Or (2) Jean, wife of James W. Mackay, Huntly. Or (3) wife of Peter McKay, farmer Bridge Tile Works, Kinnoir; Stuffed Breast of Mutton 11

Lizzie Marshall, Duke Street, Huntly (not on 1915 Rolls); friend of Rosa Murray. Dropped Scones 49

Mrs Marshall, Aberdeen; Lemon Pudding 33

Mrs Masson, Old Road, [Huntly]. Probably wife of Andrew Mason, 12A Old Road. Many Massons came from Elgin. In July 1913 she was taken to the magistrate court for failing to send her sick child to school; Gateau de Sovie 42

Mrs Matthew, Police Station, Huntly. Mrs Ebenezer Matthew, Police Station House, Deveron Rd, Huntly. The Matthews were posted to Huntly in 1913. Laws of 1850 and 1862 permitted places with a population of over 700 to become police burghs; Seville Delight 29

McArthur, Brideswell Farm, Dumblade, near Huntly, off the A96. The author Sandy Fenton grew up in Brideswell Cottages; William MacArthur was a tenant farmer of land on the Brideswell Estate of Drumblade and owned a house and shop there; Shrewsbury Cakes 52

A.E. McC; Peppermint Creams 60

Mrs H. McConachie, Huntly. Mrs Isabella MacConachie, wife of Harry McConachie, bookseller and stationer, 5 The Square, Huntly. They are both listed (1915 Rolls) as tenants of the house there. Spelt variously McConachie, MacConachie and MacConnachie. They lost their son in France in the Great War; Aeroplane Pudding 27

Mrs McGillivray, Scott’s Hospital (now called Alexander Scott's Hospital Eventide Home), Gladstone Road, Huntly, AB54 8BD, wife of Alexander McGillivray, the steward there. Tenant of 32a Bogie Street, Huntly; Date Pudding 28

L.C. McMath related to John Reid McMath? In 1901 John Reid McMath (MacMath in 1915 Rolls) (b.1862), solicitor, notary with Murdoch & McMath (set up in 1835 by William McMath), and manager of the Royal Bank of Scotland, 27 Duke Street branch; clerk to district committee of county council, town clerk, clerk of the peace and insurance agent, secretary for the Stewart’s Hall, Gordon Street in 1913. He lived with his mother, Janet (b.1828) at Craigmore, Richmond Road, Huntly in 1903 and 1915. He owned several other properties, offices and shops: 23, 25, 27, 29 Duke Street; the house, stable and garden of Altnacraig, Gladstone Road, which was tenanted by Charles Yule; and the house and garden of Pluscardyn Settrington Street, Huntly, rented by Reverend Robert Gordon; Ravensworth Pudding 24

A.McPherson. (1) Mrs MacPherson of Edinglassie attended the Town Band Bazaar as did (2) Mrs W. McPherson, Granary Street. The former was (1) Hilda Mary (d.1924), wife of George Macpherson SPDL, a lawyer, Edinglassie; their son, George, died in France in 1916. Miss McPherson, their daughter, married Commander Pinsert RH (d.1948). Or (2) wife of William McPherson, veterinary surgeon for the district and a town councillor; they had a house, stable, garage and office, 12 Granary Street, Huntly; Essex Pudding 26

Meldrum Dukewell Farm, Huntly AB54 4AA off the A96. In 1913, Dukewell was run by William Meldrum and his wife as Mary A.M. Meldrum; Swiss Roll 45

Meldrum, Auchinbo. Robert. M. Meldrum, tenant occupier of the farm and house on the Auchinbo estate, Kinnoir, parish of Huntly, Aberdeenshire, AB54 7YT. Name first appears in 1453. In 1901, Auchinbo was run by John Gordon (b.1856) and wife, Margaret Gordon (b.1872) with several servants. Another farmer or owner of the estate was Robert Simpson; Caramel Pudding 25

Meldrum, Glasgow, possibly related to M Meldrum of Auchinbo or J. Meldrum of Dukewell Farm. Norwegian Cream 34

I Milne Corsedean or Corsdean (1915 Rolls), a house and garden Albert Terrace, Huntly owned by Robert Milne (b.1859); retired farmer from Corse of Kinnoir who served on the Huntly Parish Council in 1903 and 1913 and the Gordon Schools Board. His mother and sisters also lived there. He was at the Town Band Bazaar.; German Pancakes 25

Miss Milne, Old Road, Huntly, This may have been a widow, Mrs Agnes Milne, tenant of 29C Old Road, Huntly; Potato Pie 8

Mrs Milne, Hazelwood, Huntly. Queen Street; same address as Bessie and William Gray who were its owner-occupiers (1915 Rolls); Kidney Soup 3

Ruby T. Morgan 1 St Peter St, Peterhead AB42 1R. Lived in her father’s house: David Morgan was tenant occupier there (1915 Rolls). Friend of Rosa Murray; Viennoise Pudding 23

Jeannie Morrison. Broomfold Cottages Cobairdy, Huntly, Aberdeenshire AB54 7YA, Possibly (1) related to tenant farmer Peter Morrison who bred pigs there on a farm on the Broomfold Estate of Cobairdy, Forgue. Cobairdy, (2) Annie Morrison, Broomfield/Broomfold, Forgue, and (3) less likely a relative of a farm owner, Alexander Edward Forbes, who had a croft and house on the Broomfold Estate of Drumdollo and Bogfoutin, Forgie. For interest, a neighbour, Lieutenant Alexander and Mrs E.R. Alexander, Cobairdy, Huntly, was one of the defenders of Ladysmith in the Boer War (1899–1902), when 12,000 British troops were besieged by 20,000 Boers. Soft Gingerbread 46

Mrs Morrison, Feithhill, Mrs J. Morrison, Feithhill, Inverkeithie, near Turriff, Aberdeenshire AB53 4HQ. Feithhill on the right of the river, 3 m from Aberchirder, 7 miles from Turriff. John Morrison, Feithhill exhibited in the Turriff Show and the Forgue Flower Show; Oven Scones 52

Ada E. Murray, Wallington, Surrey. Deveron House, Elgin Road, Wallington, wife of James Gordon Murray, banker brother-in-law of Mrs Murray, Rosewood, Albert Terrace; Over-Boiled Potatoes 66

E.R. Murray; miss Murray. E.r.m.. Miss Elizabeth Rosa Murray (b.1891, Banffshire), Rosewood, Albert Terrace, Huntly, with her mother, Mrs John Murray. Rosa was my father’s mother. She gives various recipes, some under her name, and others under ERM and possibly EM and was probably the largest contributor to Huntly; Christmas Cake 48; Consomme à l’Italienne 2, Cornish Pastie 9; Millionaire’s Pudding 22; Mutton Cutlets 9; Plum Pudding 23; Salmon Mayonaise 5; Walnut Cake 42.

Gordon Murray, Wallington, Surrey. James Gordon Murray (b.1858 in Marnoch, Banffshire), Rosa Murray’s paternal uncle, went to London from Pittendreich/ Pittendrigh, Marnoch, Turriff and worked as a bank cashier in Hackney (1891 census) then as a bank clerk in the City (1901 census); married Ada Dale in Croydon 1897. By 1911 living in Deveron House, 3 Elgin Road, Wallington, Surrey. Several friends and neighbours in Wallington contributed recipes to Huntly; Tip 60

Miss Murray of Auchingoul, Miss Jeannie Murray, Mains of Auchingoul, Bridge of Marnoch, Inverkeithny, By Huntly AB54 7XE. Jeannie and Alexander Murray, junior, of Auchingoul, farmed the Auchingoul Estate of Hillbrae and Craigmancy; by 1915, George Murray was farming there. Plymouth Brethren lived in a house on this estate (1915); Cheese Straws 18, Cocoanut [sic] Cream Toffy 54, Excellent Tomato Pickle (Green) 16, Jellied Chicken 14, Petkeathly Bannock 51, Auchingoul Pudding 27

Miss Murray, Queen St, Huntly. Probably daughter (1) Alice (d.1926 Persia aged 34) or (2) daughter Margaret Ann Mitchell (d.1968 aged 82) of William Murray (d.1937 aged 86) and his wife Margaret Collie (d.1940 aged 88), Forglen Villa, Queen Street; grain agent, 33 Gordon Street, Huntly c.1903–1915 with granaries, Bridge of Bogie. Their son, David (d.1918 France aged 33). (3) A William Murray rented a house and garden, 6 Old Road, Huntly (1915); French sausage 7

Mrs Murray, Rosewood, Albert Terrace, Huntly. ‘Maggie Cruden’, ‘Granny Murray’: Mrs Margaret Gerrie Cruden/Crudden (1871–1960) relict of John Murray (1857–1911), married 1890. After he died at Mains of Lessendrum, Drumblade, she moved to Huntly and stayed in this house until her death. Her father-in-law William Murray’s sister (d.1914) lived with them at Lessendrum and presumably in Albert Terrace; another died in Niagara, NY (1914); Hare Soup 3, Marmalade 60

Mrs Murray, Olney, Mrs J. Murray, Olney, 19 Bleachfield Street, Huntly and Mrs Henderson lived there. The house was built in 1907. By 1915 James Murray lived in Olney. James Murray (d.1944 aged 82), clothier in Huntly, married Mary A. Henderson (d.1950 aged 77); a son, J. Durno Murray MD, died in New Zealand (1964). Our parents, ‘Ian’ Robert John Murray Milne and Mary Osgood Gordon Troup, lived there in the 1970s; previously, John and Brucie Milne, uncle of our father, lived there. She came to the Town Band Bazaar; Black Cake 43

Niven, Gordon Street, Huntly. (1) related to David H. Niven, 11 Gordon Street, seedsman and fruiterer; florist for the Bazaar and Mrs Niven was on the cake stall. Probably (2) Miss Maggie Jane Sinclair Niven (d.1971 aged 83), daughter of William Niven (d.1930 aged 70), baker, 27 Gordon Street, married Catherine Sinclair (d.1935 aged 76) and lived at Glenora, Gordon Street. Their son, Robert ‘Norman’ Niven, died 1917 in France aged 20. A Mrs Niven, Gordon Street, was a member of the ladies group, Strathbogie Free Church, Bogie Street (1913); Cream Scones 41

A.P. could be Alexander Pirie, Riversdale, Queen Street; Dried Parsley 63

M.P.; Eve’s Pudding 26

Mrs A. Pirie. Margaret Rae (d.1935), wife of Alexander Pirie (d.1924 aged 59), Riversdale, Queen Street, commercial traveller; on the Aberdeen Education Authority Board (1921); later living at Lynbain, Huntly (Macdonald’s 1913). His son, Gilbert Alexander Pirie (1895–1916), was a keen boy scout; read Medicine in Aberdeen 1914, died in France in 1916; Banana Trifle 62

Nora M. Pirie (b.1897) Miss Nora Mary Pirie (d.1977 aged 80), Meadow Street (1913); she was a member of the ladies of Strathbogie United Free Church in 1913? Daughter of Alexander Pirie (above). Any connection with J. Pirie, The Parish of Cairnie and its early connections with Strathbogie (Banff, 1906)?; ‘Cream o’ the Morning’ Toffee 53

F.R. Huntly; German Pound Cake 39, 40

Margaret Milne Rae. Gordon Schools, Huntly. Possibly related to (1) Mrs Frederick Rae, grocer, 75 George Street (1903); or (2) George S. Rae, proprietor, Lemon Tree public house, Gordon Street (3) Miss Rae taught cookery, Gordon Schools (1913) aided by Miss Kemp; Furniture Cream 59

Mrs Nora T.S. Rae, Gowanbank, Huntly. Wife of James Rae, Gowan Bank, Queen Street, Huntly.; Apple Sauce 18; Chicken Jelly 55; How to Boil Eggs 65; Ordinary Beef Tea 55; Shortbread 50; Toffee 53

Edith Rhind, Balbogie, Lennox Terrace, Huntly. Ex-Provost John Rhind JP (d.1915, aged 66), butcher, 23 Bogie Street, whose wife was Margaret Gregson (d.1931, aged 78) lived at Balbogie; Mrs Edith Rhind (b.1890 in Huntly) and John Rhind were listed with the VIPs attending the Town Band Bazaar. A Miss Rhind also lived there in 1913; Coffee Buns 48; Sultana Cake 40

Mrs John Rhind, Junior, Farine Lea, 3 Gladstone Road, Huntly, AB54 8EZ. John Rhind (d.1963 aged 85) married to Constance Ada Leith (d.1961 aged 78); there was a John Rhind at Cosmos Lea too. By 1903 Archibald & John Rhind butchers, 21 Duke Street; by 1913 John Rhind only butcher at that address; Gloucester Pastry 38

Mrs Rhind, Arawa, Elgin. 2 Seafield Crescent, Elgin, Moray IV30 1RE. Catherine, wife of James Rhind. Their son George, a clerk, reported missing in France in 1917 aged 20. Probably related to the Rhinds of Huntly; Minced Collops 14

Mrs A. Rhind. The Newe. Nellie Gordon Mitchell (d.1968 aged 95), wife of Archibald Rhind (d.1917 aged 56), The Newe, Queen Street, Huntly; Ran a boarding establishment by 1930s Jam Sandwich 42, 44

Mrs Gordon Rhind, 11A George Street, Huntly. (1) Gordon Rhind (d.1893 aged 66), relict Isabella Archibald Rhind (d.1922 in 96th year); or (2) connected to Gordon Rhind (b.1880), butcher, 32 Gordon Street, Huntly. The shop still trades, owned by F Raeburn Rhind; Chocolate Fingers 51

Robertson, Maryfield, Huntly. Battlehill; Cream Tomato Soup 2; A Nice Layer Cake 44

M.H. Robertson Kirkland, Forgue, still a good beef farm; farmed by John Robertson who came to the Huntly Express Jubilee; Saint Fillan’s Pastry 24

G.S.; To Blanch Almonds 65

J..S. Could be John Shand who ran sideshows at the Bazaar?; Luncheon Cake 41

J.B.S. Aberdeen, one of the Sellar family? (long shot); Eggs and Tomatoes 17

J.M.S., Huntly. Could be related to Robert H.N. Sellar? ; Beef Omelette 8

L.S.; Fried Fillets of Fish 6

M.A.S.= MA Stewart?; Dripping to Clarify 64

P.S., Drumblade, Huntly, Aberdeenshire; Marzipan Potatoes 60

M.H. Sellar. Mrs Mary Hunter Sellar (1868–1944), Battlehill House, Battlehill, sister of Robert R.H. Sellar (1860–1918) who was married to Mary Isabella Thompson (1859–1925); their daughter, Miss Margaret Sellar, presented basket of sweets to the Countess at the Bazaar: by 1927 Margaret was helping to run the Girl Guides, set up in May 1919; their sons, Captain James Alexander Sellar (1892–1971) MB Aberdeen University 1915; Diploma in Public Health, 1921. A.U.O.T.C., 1913–1915. 1915–1919 attached second Highland Field Ambulance with two years in Britain and two in Mesopotamia; another son, John Mill Sellar (1893–1915) died in France, aged 22); Chutney 16; Sago Plum Pudding 21

Mrs Sherriffs, George Street, Huntly. Possibly, (1) related to Jean Sherriffs (d.1961), wife of Gordon Munro (d.1957); Or (2) Tomina F. Shirreffs? (1936 feuar list Huntly Estate); Perkins 45

Simon Isle of Wight, Many Simon’s lived in Forgue (e.g. John Simon, Gariochsburn Farm) and Slioch in 1911 ; Ginger Wine 62

Simpson. Culvie Schoolhouse. Miss Charlotte Murray Simpson; a cousin of Rosa Murray; schoolmistress Culvie, off the B9023,Marnoch, Banffshire c1905–1915; Imitation Hare Soup 4

Miss C. Simpson, Church Street, Huntly. Possibly Christina Simpson (b.1892); or related to John Simpson, 25 Church Street (d.1949 aged 78) and his wife, Jamesina Ross (d.1965 aged 84); Apricot Cream 30

Mrs Simpson, probably wife of John Simpson (1862–1935), tenant farmer, Slioch Estate, Drumblade, AB54 6EH, who rented out six more cottages there; several members of the Simpson family living at Slioch then. Slioch dates at least from 1516; later developed as a new village. Mrs Simpson came to the Town Band Bazaar; Orange Marmalade Pudding 27

Slaker. Lizzie S. Slaker, daughter of John Noble Slaker (d.1925 aged 75), master mariner; she owned the house and garden at The Anchorage, Richmond Road, Huntly where he was a tenant (1915 Rolls:). A friend of Rosa Murray.; Sandwich Cake 43

Spence, Germany. What was the connection with Germany? The ‘M’ could be an ‘H’. Mrs Anne Spence (d.1921 aged 86), 81 Gordon Street, relict of Alexander Spence (1824–1899) came to the Town Band Bazaar; ‘Hal’, James Henry Easton Spence (1856–1918), Greenmount, 43 Gordon Street. His wife, Gertrude Spence (1869–19610, was commandant of the Huntly branch of the Red Cross. Connected to William Spence & Son, successful hosiery manufacturers (founded 1872; closed 1990/3); Tomato Soup (German recipe) 4

E.J. Stephen, Lethenty House, Inverurie. is just over 2 miles from Inverurie, Aberdeenshire AB51 0HT. Either (1) In 1905 Mrs Ann Stephen, a widow, lived on The Lethenty and Netherton Estate of Lethenty, Chapel of Garioch, Aberdeenshire; or (2) By 1915 Elizabeth Isabella Stephen was a Tenant of the house of Netherton. Probably related to Rosa Murray; Aspic Jelly 11

Mrs Stephen, Conglass, Inverurie. Lemon Pudding 33

Elsie Stephen, Westwood, Turriff (b.1859) of Westwood, 1 Victoria Terrace, Turriff; relative of Rosa Murray; Egg Jelly 56

M.M. Stephen, Westwood, Turriff. Margaret Murray Stephen (b.1861); sister-in-law of Mrs John Murray, tenant of the house and garden, Westwood, 1 Victoria Terrace, Turriff (1901 Census); Trustee of the Ladies School (1915 Rolls); Named after Westwood farm, Forglen, Turriff AB53 4JL; Sponge Cake 43

M.A. Stewart, Cobairdy, Forgue; associated with James Stewart, tenant farmer, Hallhill Estate of Cobairdy (1915), off the A97, Huntly; Queen Cakes 51

Strachan, Fintray. Hatton of Fintray, AB21 0JB. Possibly F.G. Strachan (b.1873), rather than John L. Strachan, Disblair Wester Estate of Fintray (1915); Virginia Pudding 26

Mrs Strachan, Lennox Villa, Huntly. Queen Street, Huntly, wife of Charles Strachan; Poloni 9

Mrs Stuart, Maryfield, Huntly. Battlehill. Mrs Mary E.S. Stuart (d.1954 aged 79), wife of John Stuart (1870–1946) J.P., bank manager, solicitor from 1893, 39 Gordon Street;[xv] Bailie and convenor, Town Band Bazaar (1913); Salmon Salad 6

Mrs Summers 6 King Street, Huntly. Sergeant Summers, possibly John Banks Summers (d.1932 aged 58), Boy Scout leader, Huntly and his wife Mary (d.1962 aged 87) rather than Jane (b.1845) (1901 census).; Chocolate Trifle 30

A.T.; Gingerbread 49

Mrs Terrace, 35 Belgrave Terrace, Aberdeen. AB25 2NT (tenant-occupiers at least 1913–1921). Mrs James Terras (d.1970), He was Manager, Siddall & Hilton, Ltd. still leading manufacturer of welded steel mesh for fencing and general industrial purposes; Bread sauce 19

J.G Troup, Mrs Troup, The Farm, Huntly; at the Town Band Bazaar; on the Insurance Committee for the County of Aberdeen (1913). By 1903, the Farm was occupied by Robert George Troup, oatmeal miller, Bleachfield Street. George Macdonald’s parents lived at the Farm and were related to Miss Troup, Howglen, Gladstone Rd in 1903; Risotto à la Milanaise 17

Mrs Turner, Mary (d.1928 aged 61), wife of Alex Turner (d.1919 aged 63), confectioner, 44 Gordon Street, Huntly; Strawberry Pudding 21

A.W. ; Norwegian Fish Pudding 5

E.M.W. Huntly; How not to get on 66

N.W.; Swiss Toffee 54

Mrs Watson, Duke Street, Huntly. Wife of Dr William A. Watson, who owned a house, garden and motor shed at 45 Duke Street, Huntly (though he tended to visit his patients on horseback). He owned shops at 43 and 47 Duke Street, Huntly. She came to the Town Band Bazaar.; Fish Queenelles 5

Terese Watt, Wallington, Surrey. Mrs Therese Watt, 3 Blenheim Gardens, Wallington, Surrey; German resident b.1877 married James Albert Watt (b.1862 Southwark) man of private means.; A Good Floor Stain which lasts a Lifetime 65

Mrs Williamson, Auldtown of Carnousie Turriff, Aberdeenshire, AB53 4LL This farm run by tenant occupiers, David D. Williamson and James A Williamson, Auldtown Estate of Carnousie, Forglen, County of Banff, opposite Laithers. Forglen farms famous for Aberdeen-Angus herds. Forglen Parish gradually slopes towards the River Deveron and is well sheltered by woods and hills; Rabbit Pie 12

Miss Wilson, Prospect Terrace, Aberdeen, 5 Prospect Terrace, AB11 7TB. John Wilson was tenant-occupier, 14A Prospect Terrace (1905); Mince and Potatoes 8; To Clean Steel 64

Mrs Wilson, Maud, near Turriff. Possibly (1) Eliza Wilson, Maud, Old Deer; or relatives of tenant occupiers: (2) Ferguson Wilson, Croft of Old Maud, New Deer; or (3) James Wilson, 9 Hill of Maud, Estates of Buckie, Freuchny and Gollachy, Rathven; or (4) John Wilson, Rose Cottage, Maud, Old Deer; or (5) John Wilson, Rowanbank, Maud, New Deer (1905 Rolls); How to Refreshen a Stale Loaf 64; Window Cleaning Hint 64

Mrs J. Wilson, Huntly Probably (1) Jessie (1868–1938), wife of Dr John Oswald Wilson (1858–1946) MA., MD, C.M., West Park House, 5 West Park Street, in charge of the Jubilee Cottage Hospital; veteran angler; rented ‘acred land’; had one of the first telephones in Huntly (1901). In 1972 the telephone exchange moved to this house, renamed ‘Balvenie’ . Or, less likely, (2) wife of John Wilson, Nether Pirriesmill; or (3) wife of John Wilson, Aldensyde; or (4) wife of John Wilson, 12 Granary Street; or (5) less likely but interestingly, Miss Janet Anderson, later Mrs Wilson, Barnsley, edited the notes of historian Mr James Taylor on the Cabrach; Recipe for a political cabinet pudding 27

J.M. Wright. Not Mrs Jessie M. Wright (d.1993 aged 72), draper and milliner, The Square; wife of William B. Wright (d.1966 aged 44)? Or (2) widow Mrs Jane Wright, 29 Deveron Street, (1915)? Or (3) Miss Annie Wright, sewing mistress, Gordon Schools (1903). Or Jane Whyte Wright (d.1927 aged 59), wife of William Wright (d.1993 aged 81), whose son, William d.1918 in France aged 23; Strawberry Short Cake (American Recipe) 26

I.Y. John Yule (1860–1918), Backside, Kinnoir; rented stables, domestic offices, servants’ houses, gardens, ‘shootings’ and ‘fishings’, Huntly Lodge from the Huntly Estate (1915 Rolls) after Colonel Cumberland left in 1915. Stockbroker for thirty-eight years with Alexander Bransby Yule (d.1911 aged 68 at the Neuk, Battlehill), J.B. Yule & Co., 2 Copthall Buildings, London (and 9 Cavendish Square). James Brander (1847–1928) of Huntly, a stockbroker, 4 Copthall Buildings and his brother, William, Messrs Virtue & Whyte, 5 Draper’s Gardens, London (1885–1886); Chocolate Caramels 54

J.B.Y., Bogie Street, Huntly. James Bransby Yule (1879–1944); 1901: grocer shopkeeper; owned several properties in Bogie Street (69, 73 house; 71 shop, Warehouse Lane, off Bogie Street). J.B. Yule used to own an oatmeal mill near Bleachfield Bridge (closed in 1960s) He lived at The Knowe, Gladstone Road; Alexander Bransby Yule (‘Alex’), grocer, 69 Bogie Street (1913); Minced Chicken, Rabbit or Turkey 8

Yule. The Neuk. Battlehill. Not Norman Yule who was born in 1902 in Portsoy and came to Huntly when he was nine. Miss Yule in 1913 at this address; Chocolate Fudge 53










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