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Camus A. La peste [The Plague]

Lane E.W. see Thompson

Morris R. On the cholera epidemic in Musselburgh.

Russell  P. 1791. A Treatise of the Plague: Containing an Historical Journal, and Medical Account, of the Plague, at Aleppo, in the Years 1760, 1761, and 1762. Also, Remarks on Quarantines, Lazarettos, and the Administration of Police in Times of Pestilence. To which is Added, an Appendix, Containing Cases of the Plague; and an Account of the Weather, During the Pestilential Season. London: Robinson. Volume 1.

Russell  P. 1791. A Treatise Of The Plague: Containing An Historical Journal, An Medical Account, Of The Plague, At Aleppo, In The Years 1760, 1761, And 1762 ... To Which Is Added, An Appendix, Containing Cases Of The Plague. London: Robinson. Volume 2

Starkey, J.C.M. 2009. ‘The Contagion followed, and vanquish’d them’: plague, travellers and lazarettos’,. Pages 113-128 in Diane Fortenberry & Deborah Manley (eds), Saddling the Dogs: journeys through Egypt and the Near East. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

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